Lobe Pump


* The Pump is a +ve displacement lobe rotor pump designed according to USA 3A Standard.

* The equipment is processed with USA 3A and very strict Hygienic.

* The pumpis deal for the transfer of viscous as well as low-viscous media in the food-processing,cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


* Investment Casting Body : AISI 316L (1.4404)/AISI 304(1.4301)

* Gaskets (Standard) : EPDM accirdubg to FDA 177.2600

* Mechanisal seal (Standard) : SIC/SIC/EPDM

* External Surface Finish : Mirror Polish

Max.flow 90 m3/h/395GPM
Max. Pressure 12 bar/ 174 PSI
Max. Working temperature 150 °C/302°F
Max. rev 1450 rpm