Metallic SS magdrive pump


AISI 316, Hastelloy, Titanium


Corrosive, Toxic, noxious and carcinogenic liquids Hydrocarbons, pyrophorics and other flammables Heat transfer oils Refrigerants and cryogenics Radioactive liquids Mag drive centrifugal pumps series HTM SS316 are made of metallic materials and are suitable to pump high corrosive liquids.Thanks to the innovative mag-drive system with high torque magnetic coupling without any mechanical seal, risks of leakage and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. M Also available in ATEX version for zone 1 and 2 (pump model EM-C).

FLOW 50Hz (0,5 –32 m3/h) , 60Hz (3-185 usgpm)
MAX HEAD 50Hz (24 mlc) , 60Hz (110 ft)
TEMPERATURE 50Hz (-40 / +160°C) , 60Hz (-40 / +320°F)
MAWP 50Hz (10 bar) , 60Hz (150 PSI)