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D-TEC AODD pump adopt compressed air for power source and depend on diaphragms to move left and right to reach to the volume sealed working chamber to achieve loading and ejecting. AODD pump is structured by suction port, discharge port, medium chamber and air chamber, air chamber is structured by main air valve, pilot valve, thimble on left and right, left diaphragm chamber and right diaphragm chamber, medium chamber is structured by left medium, right medium and check valve. Check valve is set on the top or bottom ,left and right medium chambers are connected by suction port and discharge port. When AODD pump is working, left and right diaphragms are moving by compressed air, and the air valve have no lubricating demand, so clear and dry air can improve the performance of AODD pump.

Compressed air comes into air chamber across air inlet port, after the regulation of pilot valve, compressed air come into left diaphragm chamber and drive diaphragm move on the left, the result is that the volume of left medium chamber decreases, the liquid is extruded.