A slant top design improves the flow through the strainer and results in significantly lower pressure drops. This design also results in a more compact basket that weighs less than an ordinary basket. This makes it possible for one person to remove it from the strainer housing, a labor saving feature when it comes time to clean or change out the basket. Standard sizes from 2” - 24”. Larger sizes available upon request. Available with RF or RTJ flanged (ASME B16.5) or Buttweld (ASME B16.9) end connections.


For applications with infrequent basket changing, FPS Pvt. Ltd. offers a simple, cost-effective, bolted cover type. It's available with a davit assembly cover for larger strainers with heavy covers, this makes it possible for a one-person operation. For applications with more frequent changing, FPS Pvt. Ltd. offers a hinged, quick opening cover secured by swing bolts. This is adaptable for higher pressure applications. For medium size strainers, 8" to16" a bolted slide hinge cover is available. This permits one operator to engage the hinge and open the cover.


* Hinged cover or davit assembly for easier maintenance

* Alloy construction for body and baskets

* RTJ-style connections

* Vent valves, Drain valves, Gauge taps

* Backflushing system for manual or automated cleaning

Body MS, CS, 304SS, 316SS
Filter 304SS, 316SS
Gasket Spiral wounded SS